The Cruelty-Free Review

A review of compassionate products, foods, and recipes

Mmm…cookie dough

on January 10, 2012

I thought I’d begin the reviews with one of myfavorite new discoveries…Eat Pastry vegan cookie dough. Let me say right off the bat: I am not a good baker. I love the idea of being able to turn out fresh batches of homemade cookies, or beautifully decorated cakes. But alas, I lack the talent, patience, and sufficent kitchen space. I also thought that vegan pastries could never be as good as those loaded down with eggs, butter, etc. Eat Pastry has proven me wrong. I found them in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods and decided-What the hell? Can’t be that bad, right? I chose the Cinnamon Ginger Spice and Chocoholic Chunk. All you have to do is scoop out a tablespoon size ball, plop on a baking sheet, and bake for about 13 minutes. How easy could that be?

And the taste is fantastic. I dare you to make a batch to take to work and see if anyone can tell the difference between them and non-vegan cookies. The chocolate flavor of the Chocoholic Chunk  is rich and velvety ( a must if you love chocolate like me) and the Cinnamon Ginger Spice has a wonderful depth of flavor that is perfect for this time of year.  You can also make them more chewy or crunchy depending on your texture preference by pressing down on the ball more or less. I actually like them a little crispier, as they are more like delicate wafers that would go perfect with a bit of ice cream. Or, since there are no raw eggs involved, you can eat it right out of the container! Now I can indulge my sweet tooth with little effort and a clear conscious!

You can find all the flavors of Eat Pastry dough, as well as where to buy at their webite


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