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I’m a total LUSH…

on January 12, 2012

No, not that kind of lush (okay, maybe I am :)). I’m talking about LUSH cosmetics, a company that hand-makes beauty products. I have to admit, when I first saw this store in the Cherry Creek mall I was  unimpressed. Just another over-priced beauty shop with average products, right? Wrong! LUSH is a company with great products, and great ethics. NO animal testing, and most of their products are vegan. When you visit the online store, you can even filter the products by which are vegan and which are not, so that saves a ton of time pouring through ingredient lists.

LUSH offers  bath and facial products, as well as hair products and a mens line. I was mostly interested in the facial products, as I am always looking for quality cleansers and moisturizers to fit my ever-changing face type. Recently, my skin type has reverted to the oily 16 year-old type, so I was looking for something that would control oil and help prevent breakouts. When I explained this to the clerk, she immediately led me to a few choice cleansers and moisturizers, as well as their fresh face masks. Fresh face masks are those that need to be refrigerated, and last about a month, but are totally amazing. I decided on the Brazened Honey mask, which is designed for problem skin. It’s very deep-cleansing, so those with really sensitive skin types might want to choose a different mask. Brazened Honey uses eggs (free-range), honey, lime, rosemary and ground almonds to cleanse and purify your face. I could not believe how soft and clean my face felt after the first use. All you have to do is put the mask on and chill for about 5-10 minutes, then wash off. I almost felt as if I didn’t need a mositurizer after using it, which is remarkable.  And I can honestly say that I noticed a clearer complexion after about 2 weeks.

For the price, the masks are very reasonable. A 2.1oz container cost me $6.95, and lasted almost exactly a month with a twice-a-week use. The only bummer is that you can only purchase them in store, so if you are not near a LUSH, you’re out of luck. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t give any of their other awesome products a try! I also love that they are invloved in a lot of local charities. On my last visit, I purchased a Charity Pot, a small containter of moisturizer in which the proceeds go to a local charity, and they are involved in many ethcial campaings, like protesting against the shark fin trade.

I encourage you to check out their line of products and also their ethcial stance. They are already opening a new store in Colorado, so hopefully this means that quality, cruelty free products are becoming more popular! Check out their website at



2 responses to “I’m a total LUSH…

  1. Barb says:

    I’ve been looking at their stuff online, and you’re right- most of their items are reasonably priced. Might need to stop by Cherry Creek and get one of those face masks…

  2. I think their moisturizers can be a bit pricey, but they also last a while too, so in the end I think it comes out in a wash. Sounds like we need a girls shopping day 🙂

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