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Help Wanted:A Vegan Lip Balm

on February 18, 2012

This review was supposed to be about lip balm. I had purchased a lip balm at Bath and Body Works called My Favorite Night Balm a while back and I really, really liked it. My lips get very dry and I am always trying new balms, and this one worked incredibly well at moisturizing my lips.  It was great to put it on at night and have nice soft lips in the morning, something that other balms had not done. But then I decided to check the ingredients before writing the review and saw ‘lanolin oil’—sheep skin oil. Yuck. I know, I should have checked the ingredients before my purchase and I certainly learned my lesson from this. Needless to say, that balm went in the trash and I was left with no review.

So this week I’m asking for your help. What are your favorite soothing and moisturizing vegan lip balms? I don’t have any allergies (that I know of yet!) so no ingredients are off limits.  I honestly don’t think any balms I have used in the past have been vegan so any suggestions are welcome!


4 responses to “Help Wanted:A Vegan Lip Balm

  1. My favorite stuff in the entire world is Palmer’s Lip Butter, made with cocoa butter and flavored with mint chocolate. I got a whole case of them for Hanukkah one year and am still enjoying them!

  2. Ginny says:

    Happy Hempsters makes a vegan lip balm. It is labeled as vegan

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