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Burt’s Bees Natural Throat Drops

on February 23, 2012

I have been plagued with a sore throat for the last few weeks, and I adamantly refuse to use those gag-inducing throat sprays for relief. Throat lozenges are okay, but often times are too sugary or medicine-y tasting for me to use more than one a day. But I was tired of constantly clearing my throat and having someone think I was trying to get their attention, so last night at the drug store I decided to break down and get some lozenges.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that Burt’s Bees had throat drops. It was a no-brainer that I got them, and I am pleased to say that they work exceptionally well for throat pain relief. They contain menthol, eucalyptus oil and honey and come in 3 flavors-Honey, Honey and Lemon, and Honey and Pomegranate. I tried the regular honey flavor and really like it, though I would definitely like to try the others. The balance of the menthol and honey make these actually enjoyable to use, without giving you that obvious lozenge-breath.  And the relief from one drop lasted well after it was gone. I used one this morning at 9 didn’t need another one until early afternoon.

The best part, of course, is that they are all natural. No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners. I’ve been a fan of Burt’s Bees for a long time, and I am glad to see them expanding their line of products, all of which you can find on their website. I know that hard-core vegans don’t approve of the use of honey or beeswax in food or products, but my stance is that this is far less egregious than using other animal-derived products. They do use lanolin and milk in some of their products, so I avoid those. And yes, they are owned by Clorox, which conducts animal testing. BB is very up-front about not performing any animal testing, so hopefully their growing popularity will encourage Clorox to stop animal testing on all their products. One can hope, right?


2 responses to “Burt’s Bees Natural Throat Drops

  1. Gabby says:

    This is good to know for when the old stanby tea and honey just isn’t cutting it!

    Hope you are feeling better!

    • Reia says:

      Thank you! I love tea and honey for a sore throat, but obviously these offer a more portable option. It’s hard top carry a cup of tea in your pocket 😉

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