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Lip Service

on March 17, 2012

A few weeks ago I posted a plea for help finding a vegan lip balm after finding out that that the balm I was using contained sheep skin oil. Hannah at Bittersweet suggested Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm, which I will definitely try next time I see it at the drugstore (I knew Palmers was cruelty-free, but I never realized a lot of their products are vegan as well). However, Barb at That Was Vegan? pointed out Hurrawblam to me at a recent dinner at her house. I took one look at their website and knew I had to give them at try.

One factor that drew me in was that they have a night treatment balm, which is what I was specifically looking to replace. But they also offer a sun balm with SPF 15 (just in time for hiking season!) as well as 17 other flavors.

Hurrawbalm’s claim is that they do not melt, become grainy, or are too sticky, sweet, or smelly. They use only raw, vegan, organic and fair trade ingredients, which results in a balm with ingredients that you can recognize! What a novel idea! I ordered the Night Balm, the Sun Balm, and the Grapefruit flavor balm, just so I could try a variety to get a good feel of the product.

Let me start by saying that I am a bit of a lip-balm snob. I have ones that I use only during the day when I’m not outside, ones that I use with SPF for outdoor use, and ones that I only use at night. I carry them in my pocket, so I know what can happen when one basically melts into oblivion. I also know the pain of trying to put on a balm that has hardened a bit and you kind of have to breathe on it to warm it up before putting it on your lips. Maybe that’s just me, but both those situations are annoying, and I have no qualms about throwing out a new tube of balm if it doesn’t fit the bill.

I was a bit skeptical when I got my order that these balms really were that smooth. But wow, are they ever smooth! Since they are made mostly with oils, you get a balm that hydrates immediately, but also last a long time. They are not too sweet at all, and they also don’t leave behind that icky petroleum flavor either. Some are naturally tinted to give your lips a bit of color, and each flavor provides a unique advantage, such as their new Earl Grey which provides a calming effect, or the Mint, which would be most akin to a menthol-type balm.

The night balm, which I put on right before bed, provides a lasting hydration that I still feel even in the morning. It is made with blue chamomile and vanilla, both scents that I associate with sleep, so I love having this right under my nose to smell. I’ve kept both the grapefruit and Sun balm in my pocket for over 8 hours while running around and didn’t notice any melting. It does say to store them between 40-80 F, so I imagine that at higher temps they might get a little melt-y, but I would expect that to happen with any balm.

The prices are great; I got all 3 balms plus shipping for just over $15. Considering there are balms that cost upwards of $8 a tube, that’s an amazing value. And I got them in the mail in less than a week. I can’t wait to try all the other flavors; I have half a mind to just order one of each next time just so I have them on hand and can change them out as I feel necessary. My shipment came with a hand written thank-you on the receipt and an “mmm :)” comment next to my Night balm order; that’s the kind of customer service you don’t get just anywhere, and you can tell the folks who work there love what they do. See if you’re in an area where they carry them in stores here (sadly, none in Colorado 😦  ), or just order online at


2 responses to “Lip Service

  1. Barb says:

    It’s funny, but I saw that Hurraw ad probably 150 times, but I never went on their website or investigated at all. I think I assumed they were expensive. But based on your review, I’m gonna order me some! 🙂

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