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I Can See Clearly Now…

on June 21, 2012

I have gone through many eyewear phases in my life, ever since I was cursed with poor vision in middle school and required some artificial help to see. I started with glasses, then switched to contacts a few years later. Throughout high school I stayed with the contacts, then decided to switch back to glasses. After getting throughly annoyed at having to carry both regualr glasses and prescription sunglasses and switching them out everytime I went in or outside, I went back to contacts. I have kept my most recent glasses for emergencies and actually needed them last week when I nearly seared my corneas off after apparently rubbing my eyes after cutting a habanero. But I have turned a blind eye (get it??) to the fact that the lens solution I use is as far from cruelty-free as you can get.

Thankfully I remembered to ask a clerk at Sunflower Market (like Whole Foods, for those who aren’t in Colorado) if they carried contact solution. He led me right away to Clear Conscience, saying it was the product he uses and loves. And now it is the product I use and love. Before I was using the expensive hydrogen peroxide solution that supposedly cleans better than other solutions, but I have had no problems since switching. This is the old-fashioned rub, rinse, and soak solution so it takes a little more time compared to just placing them in the container with the other stuff I used, but it’s worth it. Also the lenses can be used after only a 30 minute soak, whereas with the other solution it was a minimum of 6 hours to allow the peroxide to neutralize. Honestly I don’t know why I ever though putting a caustic solution in my eyes was ever a good idea, except that it’s what the optomitrist recommended.

The cost is also nice; a 12oz bottle is $8.99 and I was paying $11.99 for the same amout of the other stuff. Clear Conscience does sell online but it’s a bit more expensive thanks to shipping costs so use their store locator to see if it’s carried near you. They also sell a travel-friendly 3oz size and some cute endangered animal lens cases online. And if the cruelty-free aspect isn’t enough to sway you, 10% of their proceeds go to environmental and animal welfare organizations. Thanks to Clear Conscience I can knock one more product of my list of non-cruelty free products I need to transition from 🙂


One response to “I Can See Clearly Now…

  1. Barb says:

    Good job! Plus, it’s always nice saving a bit of $$!

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