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Happy 4th…and a signifigant milestone!

on July 3, 2012


Happy 4th of July tomorrow! And to my international readers Happy Wednesday 🙂 I will be working, part of the fun about being in healthcare, but it’s only an 8 hour shift instead of 12, so I get a semi-holiday. I hope everyone has fun and stays safe!

On another note, this Saturday marks my One Year Vegetarian Anniversary!! Like how I put it in all caps to make it loads more important? And while I haven’t quite met my goal of being vegan by this time, I have come a long way. I think a lot of credit goes to starting this blog because it has put me in touch with so many other like-minded people and I’m not nearly as overwhelmed at the idea of how to live, nay, thrive, as a vegetarian. Thank you to everyone who has stopped by and dropped words of encouragement!

Another huge thanks to Charlie at The Adventures of Vegan Charlie for nominating me for my 3rd One Lovely Blog award in the last 3 weeks! Charlie wears her heart on her sleeve, as evidenced in her recent posts about her struggle to stay true to her beliefs, and I love the honesty she brings to her posts. She certainly deserves the honor of the title of One Lovely Blog. I am still overwhelmed at how many people stop by my little blog and I greatly appreciate the thought that goes into these awards. I must admit I wasn’t sure that anyone would be interested in what I had to say about cruelty-free products but if you all keep visiting, I’ll just have to keep the reviews coming! I won’t bore you with any more facts about me, at least not for a while, so please check out my previous One Lovely Blog and Kreative Blogger posts to find some of my favorite sites to visit.

Again, everyone have a safe and happy 4th and I’ll see you next week for more reviews!


4 responses to “Happy 4th…and a signifigant milestone!

  1. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary 🙂

  2. Barb says:

    I kind of can’t believe it’s been a year already- that’s awesomeness! Congrats! 🙂 If I had read this earlier, I would’ve bought you lunch to celebrate, ha ha!

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