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Clearly Vegan: Cajun Rice & Beans with Vegan Sausage

on July 19, 2012

Always on the lookout for convenience meals, I came across this in the refigerated section fo Whole Foods:

I love rice. I love beans. I am ambivalent towards vegan sausage (I haven’t found one that I really love).  With only 370 calories and 9 grams of fat, I decided it was worth trying.

I have to say I was very surprised. I expected it to kind of taste the same and be bland. But everything had its own flavor and tasted fresh. I could actually see chunks of tomatoes and onions in the beans and they had a nice bit of heat. They were also still a bit firm, so I didn’t feel like I was eating mush. The rice was mild but had distinctly different spices than the beans, as did the sausage. I was not a huge fan of the sausage, it was a little too mushy for me, but the flavor was good and reminded me of the meat version of Andouille sausage. It made for a tasty, filling lunch.

I think that the reason it had such good flavor was because it wasn’t frozen; unfortunately this means that it has a shelf life and you can’t forget about it in the fridge like you can with frozen foods in the freezer. Still if you happen to be wandering around a Whole Foods at lunchtime looking for something to eat and come across this, I highly suggest it. Unfortunately I don’t know if they can be found in all Whole Foods or if they are a Colorado exclusive. I say that because it is a product of Udi’s, a Colorado bakery and catering company. I don’t even know if Udi’s products can be found outside of Colorado, but if you have had any of their products you know that they make very high quality foods, which probably explains why the meal I had was so good. I have also seen two other meals besides the one I had but they weren’t vegan so I didn’t pay any attention to them 🙂 I wanted to link to the Clearly Food website to offer more info but it just says ‘Coming Soon’. I hope they become more popular and come out with more vegan options. It’s a welcome change from frozen meals and still a quick, easy lunch option.  In Whole Foods they are in the cooler where you can find sandwiches and salads.  I’d be curious to know if anyone outside of Colorado sees them!


4 responses to “Clearly Vegan: Cajun Rice & Beans with Vegan Sausage

  1. Barb says:

    Have you tried Field Roast apple sage sausage? Those are my favorite- I’m definitely *not* ambivalent towards them 🙂 Also? I (heart) Udis!

  2. Ooh, I hope Australia starts down this trail. Vegan convenience meals are unheard of down here.

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