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An All Vegan Store Comes to Denver!

on August 16, 2012


After months of anticipation, Denver finally has its very own vegan market! Nooch (cute name, right?) opened its doors on Monday and I could not get there fast enough! Barb and I made our way there on Tuesday and promptly began filling our baskets with all kinds of vegan goodies.  You can check out what Barb snagged here, and below is my haul:

Lots of stuff to review! Not pictured (because I forgot) is a cup of Goji-Cacao Oat Based Cereal by Vigilant-Eats. And the best part? I got all this for just under $30 which makes Nooch’s prices very competitive. I know I could have found some of these items at Whole Foods but I want to support Nooch as much as possible. It was a labor of love to open, backed by a Kickstarter campaign so I want to make sure it sticks around! Plus I don’t have to waste time reading labels to make sure something is vegan which leaves more time to debate what I want to get 🙂

Nooch has a lot of products I’ve not seen before, like the Gardein sliders and specialty flavors of Veganaise (think chipotle and barbeque). It is also the first store I’ve been able to find the Havarti wedges, so that alone was worth the trip. They have white chocolate chips, Choco Banzo, a chickpea-based chocolate dip similar to Nutella, Soy Curls, Teese, and so much more. Their non-food items include my favorite lip balm, Hurraw balm, vitamins, pet food, cookbooks, clothing, and stickers (my favorite one says ‘Nooch. Vegan as fuck’ 🙂 ). The store looks a little sparse right now but they will be adding more products throughout the weeks including treats from local companies Beet Box and Sweet Action Ice Cream and my favorite seitan! It’s small but intimate and I know that in a few weeks it will be packed with products and hopefully shoppers! If you’re in the area please go check them out. I cannot wait to go back and stock up some more. Thanks to Barb for the store photos; she took them while waiting for me and in one you can see me on the left at the check-out, though I don’t think she got my best side 🙂 Now if you’ll excuse me I hear sliders and Havarti calling my name!


17 responses to “An All Vegan Store Comes to Denver!

  1. I love that the two of you lovely bloggers get to hang out and shop together. So fun!!!

  2. […] I’m done gushing. Reia posted a full review, and she’s much better at those than I am. My forte is mostly just […]

  3. Barb says:

    I’m so excited that Nooch is finally open and look forward to spending mucho moolah there!

  4. I’m so immensely jealous! I would give anything for a 100% vegan store to just pop up in my neighborhood, or anywhere relatively nearby even. What a treasure- And I do adore that name, too!

  5. This store looks fantastic! What a great haul of fun treats.

  6. veganfling says:

    Wow, it looks so awesome. I really need to find a good reason to drive downtown and check it out!! Can’t wait. 🙂

  7. I love this Nooch place! I see all my favorite ready-made stuff in there. Want!

  8. A vegan market, awesome! By bad luck, there was a vegan market near me that closed shortly before I went vegan so I didn’t have a chance to shop there much. So great to be able to freely shop in one place!

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