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Hope Relay-Breaking the Mold

on September 14, 2012


I was recently tagged by Veganmonologue to be a part of the Hope 2012 Blog Relay. For those of you who haven’t come across any of these entries, it is a chain-letter type blog event in which the tagged blogger writes about their thoughts on hope. The food bloggers have also been submitting a recipe, though I don’t think that’s a requisite. I put off writing my entry because I wasn’t really sure what my idea of hope was. I thought about writing something generic, like hope for all animal suffering to end and world peace and all that jazz but I really wanted to put some thought into the post.

Then I was fired from my job on Monday. Suffice to say I was feeling a little hopeless (and angry and scared) then and still do. It is stressful to be jobless in this economy and being fired doesn’t exactly look good to potential employers. So I really don’t feel as though I should be speaking about hope when I feel so little of it. Not even a week has gone by and I am frustrated that none of my job inquiries have been answered. Worse still is that I feel like my firing was a vindictive act, though I’m humble enough to admit I probably did not respond as appropriately to the situation as I could have.

I am sure that from this unfortunate turn of events I will come out a stronger person and given that I was looking for another job prior to my dismissal, this was probably for the best. It still doesn’t lessen the blow but I will put my best foot forward and move on. I won’t be posting as much since the majority of my time will be spent job-hunting but I hope (!) to be back to a regular schedule soon. One is supposed to nominate 3 other blogs to pass the baton on to, but from what I can tell all the blogs I would mention have already spoken their part. So I lieu of new blogs, I want to direct you to some of my personal favorite posts on the subject. Sorry if it’s breaking the rules, but I guess that’s just par for the course for me lately 🙂

Veganmonologue-I love her entry because she too went through a jobless period recently and has made a huge move across the country with her husband in pursuit of starting anew.

The Vegan’s Husband-His entry is titled Hope and Ice Cream. Need I say more?

Good Clean Food– Somer has since moved on to her own blog (Vedged Out), but her entry here is short and thoughtful. And the no-bake blueberry maple cashew cheesecake looks simply divine.



3 responses to “Hope Relay-Breaking the Mold

  1. Somer says:

    Sending good vibes across the universe to you. “Hope” you find a job you will enjoy and will pay you well.

    Thanks for the mention and the link to the new blog too!

  2. Barb says:

    I’m feel certain the universe will bring you a new job soon, one that you’re happier at than the last. Hugs!

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