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Budget Buy-Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap

on January 29, 2013



When it comes to incredibly cheap bath and beauty items, you can’t beat good old bar soap. Honestly I didn’t know it was still made. I had stopped using it long ago when I went cruelty-free because no brands at the store were CF. Plus I always found bar soaps to be too drying and harsh on my skin. While out of work I needed a cheap cleanser to use in the shower and came across Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soaps. My initial interest was due to the price–$3.99 for an 8oz bar! When I read the ingredients I was even more intrigued; olive oil is the main ingredient and is combined with other ingredients to create a moisturizing, nourishing, and cleansing product.

I chose the Olive Oil and Aloe version because I thought that would be the least likely to dry my skin. I shouldn’t have worried though; it has nothing in common with other bar soaps besides its shape. Olive oil has long been lauded for it moisturizing properties and it’s a great idea to put it in soap. While it doesn’t lather like a traditional soap, it washes off completely and leaves the skin soft.  The Aloe version has a very mild scent that shouldn’t bother those who are sensitive to smells. And it will last forever. Okay, probably not that long, but I’ve been using the same bar for over 4 months. That’s only a dollar per month! I can’t even make shower gel last more than a few weeks and those cost more than twice as much. This is a great bargain, especially if you go with the 8oz bar, which retails for $3.99, as opposed to the 4oz bar which is $2.99. I suck at math and even I know that’s a good deal. 🙂

I love that none of the 6 varieties (Pure Olive Oil, O.O and Aloe, O.O. and Honey, O.O. and Chamomile, O.O. and Lavender, and O.O. and Green Tea) contain more than 5 ingredients. Each variety has its own benefits, like the antiseptic properties of lavender, antioxidant power of green tea, or the calming ability of chamomile. Olive Oil is the number one ingredient in every one so you get the maximum benefit from it. All are vegan except the honey, obviously.

The one issue I do have with it is its size—the 8oz bar is big and can be difficult to handle, especially when wet.  It took a few weeks of use to wear it down enough to hold comfortably in my hand.  However the size is not a big enough problem to keep me from buying it again. If you like to buy in bulk you might consider buying directly from Kiss My Face’s website as they offer 3-packs that are a steal at either $5.99 for 3 4oz bars or $7.98 for 3 8oz bars.


6 responses to “Budget Buy-Kiss My Face Olive Oil Soap

  1. That is a really good price! It’s funny, I haven’t bought bar soap in years either… I can’t remember the last time!

  2. Kristy says:

    I saw this review this morning and since we were at the end of our current (much more expensive) liquid body wash, picked some up after I was done at the gym. Verdict: Totally awesome! Thank you for the head’s up! 🙂

  3. I’m glad you featured this since it’s not a product I would normally look into. Bar soaps are just not my favorite, due to the hand-held issues you mentioned. Still, it sounds like it would be worth that small inconvenience!

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