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Counting down to an awesome event

on May 8, 2013



The 3rd Virtual Vegan Potluck is quickly approaching! This time around there are over 170 blogs (including your truly 🙂 ) participating. If you’re new to this event, one: what rock have you been hiding under? and two: the VVP is a collection of vegan recipes from bloggers all around the world. On May 11th, all the participating bloggers will post their unique recipe with links to the preceding and next blog in the potluck. The categories include appetizers and desserts, and everthing in between. The idea is that of a real potluck; start with the appetizers and make your way to dessert. But just like a real potluck you can skip around and go back to your favorites again and again. I will be in the main dish category.  Check out the entire list of participants here and make sure you come back on May 11th to see what deliciousness I’ve cooked up!

Oh, and don’t think I haven’t noticed that my posting has been lacking lately. I’ve had an unprecidented bout of laziness come over me that I blame on the schizophrenic Colorado weather. It’s hard to want to do anything when it’s spring and there’s six inches of snow outside my window. Thankfully that seems to be over and my mood and energy will perk right up when I see some consistant sun. I’ll have some great reviews coming up and I’ve got a Sunshine Award nomination from Epicurean Vegan to acknowledge. That I am purposely saving for after the potluck, as I suspect I’ll have a whole bunch of new blogs I want to mention!




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