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A Featherweight Moisturizer

on June 28, 2013

Using the term ‘featherweight’ in a product review could conjure up negative perceptions about the product in question. Is it weak and ineffective? Is it unable to stand up to its claims? In the case of this review the answer is no and no. In fact the term featherweight is the perfect description for LUSH’s Enzymion, a moisturizer made for those with oily skin.


With summer in full swing it was time to switch my heavy night moisturizer suited for the cold, dry air of winter to a lighter cream that could help control the oil situation that worsens in summer. I haven’t met a LUSH moisturizer I haven’t liked and Enzymion is no exception. Fortified with fresh fruits like lemon, papaya, and lime, this moisturizer helps soak up excess oil and creates a mattefying look. What makes this a ‘featherweight’ is how  incredibly light it is. As soon as it absorbs into the skin it’s almost like it was never there. Even after a hot, sweaty night (minds out of the gutter guys 🙂  ) my T-zone doesn’t look like the remains of an Exxon Valdez spill. And as light as this cream is it still manages to provide the right amount of moisture to keep skin soft. I have tried a lot of moisturizers that are designed for oily skin and this is the first that hasn’t had the result of being too over-drying–usually due to water or very astringent ingredients being the main ingredients in the product. In Enzymion  the astringent citruses are combined with avocado and evening primrose to create a the perfect balancing effect.


I always use a day cream with SPF and that has made my face oilier as a result, but I have noticed a lot less oil since adding Enzymion to my night routine. It’s light enough to use as a base for makeup on hot days so you won’t feel like you have cake batter melting off your face. The scent is a mild mix of aloe and citrus and is very summer appropriate. The only real drawback is the price; a 1.5oz jar will set you back $39.95. I know it sounds like a lot but believe me, I wouldn’t have written such a glowing review if I didn’t think it was worth it. If you’re lucky enough to live near a LUSH store and are unsure about spending that kind of money on a cream they will happily give you a free sample to try.

I would like to hear from those of you who suffer from oily/combo skin. What are your favorite treatments and products? Does your skin go through phases and how do you adjust?

Also, I will be  updating the blog theme until I find something new I like, so try not to let the changes bother you. It might change more than a few times in the next few days until I find something that ‘speaks’ to me 🙂


13 responses to “A Featherweight Moisturizer

  1. I love that you post ingredient lists! So many of Lush’s products are great, but totally allergen-laden. Turns out I could use this, but yes, this price… too rich for my blood, but still nice to know it’s out there.

    I have combo skin, too. I used to really love the Lush facial wash that had the calamine in it & something green (seaweed, maybe? It’s been a while). Yes to phases also, and I mostly adjust by getting cranky about it 😉 I have some acne now, where I typically had clear skin. I think it’s an aging/body chemistry change, but it might also be an allergen bc sensitive skin.

    • I think you might mean Aqua Marina? I haven’t tried that one yet, but it’s always brought up when I ask about cleansers for oily skin. I like Coalface a lot, though it’s kind of weird to have black soap on your face 🙂
      I’m sure aging/hormone change has a lot to do with combo skin; I notice it gets worse right before my period. Just another thing to be cranky about, right? 😉
      I know how you feel about the price; I always feel guilty about spending so much on products (hence the reason I do the budget-buy posts) and I’ve really cut back a lot. But you do get a good amount for the price (the same size container that their fresh-face masks come in) and a little goes a long way so this will probably last me a few months. Do you live near a LUSH? If so, definitely stop in and ask for a sample just so you can try it.

  2. I recently discovered LUSH and started using their Angels on Bare Skin cleanser and exfoliant. My face loves it! I also love that it’s cheaper than the Boscia cleanser and separate exfoliant I had to buy (and wasn’t cutting it either). Now I gotta find a moisturizer that has SPF that won’t make me break out.

    • Angels on Bare skin is great! It’s so gentle as an exfoliator but really effective. Have you tried Mineral Fusion’s SPF moisturizers? I’m currently using the SPF 40 and while it’s not as light as the Earth Science moisturizer I reviewed before, it has a much higher SPF and since I’ve started using Enzymion I have noticed less oil throughout the day. Might want to give it a shot!

  3. This is exactly the kind o moisturizer I’m looking for! Will have to pick some up soon! Thanks for the review 🙂

  4. When I first went vegan my skin got a lot less oily, but lately I’ve been slick, to say the least. To the point, actually, where I don’t even use moisturizer (although I slather on some vegan sunblock before heading out on a hike, bike or walk).

    • Wow. I don’t think I could ever not wear a moisturizer. It would just feel wrong, like not putting lotion on my hands after washing them. I definitely think you should give this a try; I bet it would really help. Next time you’re in Boulder pop into the LUSH on Pearl Street and get a sample. I promise you’ll like it.

  5. Sounds perfect for the summer when you need a lighter moisturizer. Also, digging the new site design!!!!

  6. Oh I crush on Lush soooo much! Divine products and the staff here are so adorable. 🙂

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