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Snack Attack, Part 2

Remember when I reviewed Earth Balance’s white cheddar puffs and popcorn? I was pretty astounded at how well they replicated the taste of their non-vegan counterparts and was convinced that they were the pinnacle in taste of vegan snack food. But Earth Balance has done it again and while I’m never fond of hyperbole, I will say they have created THE greatest vegan snack food ever! Oh and there’s a couple of other pretty good ones reviewed here, too.


So, just what is the greatest vegan snack? Sour Cream and Onion Kettle chips. Okay, I am being totally biased as sc&o chips are my all-time favorite snack/junk food indulgence. I have loved them for as long as I can remember. I never even used to like sour cream, except as a flavoring on a chip. In high school I went to lunch at Subway at least twice a week and the best part of the meal was opening up that green and white bag of happiness and popping the first tangy chip in my mouth. Even now as I journey closer to a 100% vegan diet, there are a few things I have a very hard time letting go of, and sc&o chips are one of those things. But I can finally cross those off my list thanks to EB. Their take on my lifetime fave is spot-on perfect. They have the perfect balance of tanginess and sweetness that make sc&o chips so great, plus they’re kettle-style so they have an extra crunch that just rounds everything out. Every time I eat one my mouth does a happy dance. They are also healthier than their non-vegan versions, so that makes them practically guilt-free snacking! Of course, healthier is a relative term since we’re talking about potato chips but who cares! I have a vegan alternative to one of my favorite foods!


Earth Balance has also come out with a Cheddar flavor kettle chip and while I would never choose them over the sour cream and onion ones, they do taste pretty fantastic. I was worried that they would taste just like EB’s white cheddar puffs but the cheese flavors in each are quite different. While the white cheddar is sharp and strong, the regular cheddar is creamier and more subtle. The best thing is that the chips aren’t overly salty and that really lets the cheese flavor shine through.


The third snack EB has released is Cheddar Flavored Squares—vegan cheese-its, essentially. I was actually a little disappointed by these—to me, they lack cheddar flavor. It really surprises me too, considering how well the cheese comes through in the chips. They don’t taste bad but I just think they need more cheese flavor. Don’t get me wrong—I’ll eat these any given day over the non-vegan version. Robert on the other hand, prefers these to regular Cheese-Its, and he loves Cheese-Its about as much as I love sour cream and onion chips. So there are both sides of the coin for you.



I have seen the Cheddar Squares at Whole Foods, but neither flavor of the chips yet. I actually had to order mine from Food Fight Grocery. They had been sold out for a while, but I checked today and both flavors were in stock. If you are as desperate to try the chips as I was, FFG will probably be your best bet to get them. I highly recommend you do, at least once as they are completely worth it. Happy snacking!