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Play Dirty


About six months ago, I made a bold decision and cut my longer than shoulder-length hair into a pixie cut. I made the change after half a summer of sweltering at night with hair stuck to my face and having no energy to do anything with it other than throw it up into a ponytail every day. I needed a change. I’ve gone from long to short hair before, but this was the most drastic change ever and one that would require actual styling.

Unfortunately, before leaving the salon I bought the hair cream the stylist suggested without doing any research and ended up buying a non-cruelty-free brand. It’s a decision I regretted, but given that the product cost $20, I wasn’t going to throw it out. I did begin looking for a replacement for when I did run out, and I instantly turned to LUSH to see what options they had. Enter Dirty Hair Cream, my new favorite LUSH product. I asked for a sample to try and haven’t looked back since.

First of all, don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s found in the Men’s section of the store. It isn’t just for men, and frankly it has the best scent of just about any LUSH product I’ve tried. It’s not overly masculine, though it does contain sandalwood, pine, and oak moss oils. It’s a little tough to describe, but I can only say it smells fresh. The scent lasts all day, which I love because I’ll occasionally get a random whiff and it will just make me happy.



Okay, it smells great, but how well does it work? Amazing, that how it works. It’s surprisingly light for a cream, so it doesn’t weigh down fine locks or make hair greasy. It creates a lot of texture and you can use as little or as much as you need for the type of hold you want. I use about a jellybean size amount for a medium-hold—not cardboard stiff, but able to stay in place for 10+ hours. I do keep the sample jar in my purse so I can do touch-ups when needed! The staff member at LUSH who gave me the sample said she uses it just to swipe down flyaway hairs and runs a little through her ponytail to add texture, so it’s very versatile.

Another great benefit of Dirty is the coconut oil that conditions your hair and scalp. In fact, I usually only wash my hair every other day now since Dirty keeps it smelling fresh and looking soft.

A 3.5oz jar costs $15.95, which I think is incredibly reasonable, especially since it’s vegan! And depending on how much you use, it will last a long time. If you live near a LUSH and are looking to change up your styling routine, hit them up for a sample and try it for yourself. You might just find your new styling BFF.

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